Brand story

The Story behind OH YEAH Brewing

Since the inception of Oh YEAH Brewing, creating an ultimate leisure dining experience for the guests has been our mission and a life-time pursuit for perfection. Oh Yeah Brewing strives to excel in location selection and detailed design of every restaurant, and will do its utmost to establish a unique brand of casual dining brewpubs with distinct contemporary vibe; to build an arcadia for our guests to eat, drink and entertain, to enjoy the tasty treats, fine liquor and music.

At the same time, OH YEAH Brewing will strive to present every dish delicately in front of guests, brew every beer to world-class standard. Artists from all over the world will come to OH YEAH and perform in their individual genres to help our guests to take off the load and stress from life and work. Oh Yeah Brewing values outstanding service, not only professional, but considerate, thoughtful and aims to provide world class service to every guest and make every dining experience a mesmerising memory.

OH YEAH Brewing warmly welcomes every guest who was turned away by the exaggerated deco, overpriced meals and drinks. Everything here is for you! Our business philosophy is to serve the guests with heart, to build a lasting friendship. Everything we do, we do it for you!   Fresh As!

We sincerely invite you to join us to write the next chapter of OH YEAH BREWING.