Welcome to stay up late winery, exiguous in Beijing city center we invested enormous energy and resources, a huge sum of money to large the most advanced, the most flattering large craft beer equipment show in front of you, you can take in everything in a glance of viewing the entire process, from the charge to the malt beer cans. This will be the factory can produce the world's top beer birthplace.


Stay up the core of the winery product idea is brewing beer, the world's best we focus on the typical beer production, no matter from the process, raw material selection, beer production are achieve excellence, to ensure that each a beer is fine, to ensure that each a glass of beer quality is excellent. At the same time, we will give full play of brewer's imagination and creativity, with different characteristics in different season of beer to meet the special needs of various beer lovers.


Chief winemaker: Josh Kendal

Josh Kendal from Melbourne, Australia, graduated from the Chicago school bell institute of beer.

Once work in: international beer place in Melbourne to do,

Whistler, Canada Brewing wine Company to do internship. , Whistler Brewing Company introduction: founded in 1989, Whistler Brewing Company is the pioneer of British Columbia, Canada craft beer. :

Melbourne and many Brewhouse winemaker. In Australia, and many Brewhouse is introduced: the innovation of craft beer for 20 years, and many local bar, always insist to Melbourne, winery and resort to provide their own production craft beer.

Melbourne Colonial Brewing Co. as a senior winemaker. Colonial Brewing Co. is introduced: one of the few across western Australia and Victoria craft breweries, from a few years ago a year to 1 million litres to 4 million litres a year, now 2020 next year plans to increase production capacity to 10 million litres per year. Professional soccer team and Australia ESSENDON FC's official partner.

Josh Kendal with years from small small beer lane and the experience of the large craft breweries, handsome young he has a strong innovation consciousness and to the quality strives for perfection the spirit of craftsman in brewing beer has repeatedly won the gold MEDALS in international, with years of brewing experience and love of Chinese culture came to China, came to stay up late wineries