Oh Yeah! Brewing

Oh Yeah! Brewing


Welcome to Oh Yeah! Brewing.In the scarce and expensiveheart of Beijing, we have invested enormous energy and resources to bring the most advanced and coolest craft beer brewing facility in front of you. Here, you canview the entire brewingprocess without any hurry, frommalt feeding to beer canning. This iswhereChina’s top beer is born.


The core production concept of Oh Yeah! Brewing is to brew the best beer inChina.We focus on first-class beer production, strive for excellence in technology, raw material selection and beer brewing process, to ensure that every drop of beer is the finest product and top quality. Meanwhile we will give full scope to the imagination and creativity of the Brewmaster to launch beers with different personalities in different seasons to meet the needs of all beer enthusiasts.  


Head Brewmaster: Josh Kendal


Our Brewmaster Josh Kendal hails from Melbourne, Australia,and graduated fromthe prestigious Advanced Brewing Program offered by Siebel Institute of Technology, Chicago USA.

Previously worked at:

All-rounder at Whistler Brewing Company, Canada. Whistler Brewing Company was founded in 1989 and has been the pioneer of Craft Beer in British Columbia, Canada ever since.

Brewer at Holgate Brewhouse, Melbourne. Holgate Brewhouse isatthe forefront of Australia’s Craft brewing movement for 20 years. Holgate Brewhouse continues to share their passion for bold balanced beers through their production brewery, brew-pub and tourism operations in Melbourne.

Senior Brewer at Colonial Brewing Co. Colonial Brewing one of the very few craft breweries whose operations spans between WA and Victoria. It grew from a boutique brewery in 2004 to brewing3 million liter a yearthis year and looks to expand to6 millionliters in the nextfew years.

The young andtalented AussieBrewmaster of Oh Yeah!,Josh Kendal, brings years of experience working in the craft brewing industry to China, including industryexperience at small brewhouses as well as large production facilities, where he has brewed international award-winning beers. Alsocomes with him is anexpansive portfolio of creative mind, the true brewer’s persistencefor perfection and last but not least hispassion for Chinese Culture.