The dining concept of OH YEAH Brewery is that taste does not lie in more dishes but more refined. Each dish is fine-picked through chef’s scientific research and development, trial production and rounds of tasting.  Then through strict material screening and prudent production management, Oh Yeah Brewery ensures the consistent delivery of each delicacy.

Most of the delicacies are cooked using low-temperature slow cooking technique. After hours and sometimes tens of hours of culinary arts, the nutrition and taste of these delicacies are balanced to reach the perfection. They are truly beautiful to your eyes and melt in your mouth. 

Head Chef:Pablo Yuan



Over 20 years of experience, worked alongside Michelin-starred Chef Claudio Sadler (Milano 2 Michelin-star), Michelin-starred Chef Ricardo Le Perma (Shanghai 81/2 Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA 2 Michelin-Starred), Chef Marino D'Antonio (Beijing OPERA BOMBANA) and Chef Marco Trentin (Anne Italian Restaurant).

Previous positions:

· Head Chef of BAC Italy Restaurant, Languifang, Shanghai. Languifang BACI is one of the top ten Italian restaurants and bars in Shanghai. It undertakes the food coordination unit of Ferrari team during Shanghai F1 race and also for Ferrari owners'clubs in Shanghai.

· Head Chef of Capones Restaurant. Capones Restaurant is a Fine dining Italian restaurant. Featured in video contents about food ingredients with a number of media outlets.

· Chef of Sadler Restaurant. Sadler Restaurant is a Michelin 2-star Fine dining Italian Restaurant founded by Sadler Milan. The restaurant was named the best Italian restaurant in Beijing for three consecutive years from 2008 to 2010. The Food Digest ranked Sadler as the top ten restaurants in Beijing.

· Executive Assistant Chef of Opera Bombana. OPERA BOMBANA is a three starred Michelin restaurant, rated by many as the best place for foodies in Beijing to experience the essence of Italy cuisine.