6.18 Stay up late at the winery, a theme restaurant that you can't help shouting WOW!

6.18 Stay up late at the winery, a theme restaurant that you can't help shouting WOW!

Attention! A hand-made beer theme restaurant that can "subvert all your senses" will be located in Beijing! At present, there are more and more refined beer houses from all over the world. The black beer and draft beer brewed by the Chinese themselves can no longer meet people's needs for beer. So stay up late and bring the hand-made beer you want!!!

According to people familiar with the situation, the staying-up winery covers an area of 1,000 square meters, 9 meters high, and has an independent outdoor garden. The renovation of the restaurant is jointly designed by a team of well-known foreign designers hired by the late-night winery. From inside to outside, from visual to sensory, the theme restaurant of the late-night winery has been transformed into a more modern hand-brewed beer leisure restaurant.


The sincere enjoyment between every inch

The staying-up winery is divided into four dining areas: outdoor garden area, indoor garden area, factory and bar area and VIP area on the second floor. It is worth mentioning that outdoor and indoor garden areas use a large number of green plants and flowers for decoration, while the unique indoor fragrance can also make the guests seem to be in the Peach Source. The VIP area on the second floor uses the current fashionable streamlined sofa, and the card seat area is set in the quiet light, which adds a private romance to the VIPs who come to dinner. The bubbles in customers'cups fluctuate constantly, just like life. Surrounded by green plants, the restaurant shows a different vitality.

The hall composed of breweries and performing arts areas is equipped with not only world-advanced large-scale brewing beer equipment, but also giant indoor TV walls and world-leading audio equipment. Customers can experience the whole process of liquor-making in the staying-up winery, drinking, tasting and watching all kinds of liquor. Modern industrial style and "wine" taste of life combined with sensory design, so that every meal is worth remembering.


Every moment's experience is different.

Staying up late winery divides the day's service into four periods: Chinese food (11:00-14:00), afternoon tea (14:00-17:30), dinner (17:30-21:00), and night court (21:00-02:00).

The restaurant's signboard, hand-brewed beer, is made by JOSH KENDEL, an Australian winemaker who has won numerous international awards. JOSH KENDEL is a beer enthusiast. Before coming to China, he tasted and studied beer of different degrees and flavors all over the world. This time, he came to stay up late to brew hand-brewed beer with better export feeling.

Each of the brewed beer in the restaurant is processed by more than ten processes such as filtration, fermentation, maturation and so on. The liquid and foam are strong, and the flavor of the traditional beer is diluted, and the entrance is warm and smooth, even with a hint of malt aroma. It can be said that every beer in the staying-up winery is a classic.


(Image: Brewery JOSH KENDEL)

In addition to beer, staying up late at night winery meals can not be underestimated. The late-night winery's meals are developed and cooked by the chef Michelin himself, using advanced low-temperature cooking technology. Some dishes even take dozens of hours to cook in order to maximize the nutrition and taste of food.

The main course you're looking forward to staying up late

Stay up giant cowboy bone: For 48 hours, it's the cooking time of this imported Australian cowboy bone.


(Image: Staying up late giant cowboy bone)


Late night pork ribs: this seemingly ordinary pork rib row takes 28 hours to cook.

Staying up late French oil-sealed duck: It's hard to imagine that a whole leg needs 36 hours of low-temperature cooking.

Stay up late French mutton chop: mutton chop is only good, not too bad taste, as long as the meat is delicate and fat.


(Image: Staying up late French steak)

Don't ask the cooks in the late-night winery why they are so genuine about a dish, because in their opinion, it's not a dish but a work of art.

Regarding the price of dishes, staying up late said: about one hundred per capita! The late-night bosses are wealthy and self-willed. They only open to let every guest who comes to the late-night winery enjoy the delicious food experience of star-rated hotels at a price less than 100 yuan per capita.

Of course, the highlight of the day in the staying-up winery is just a few hours from dinner to the night! From Tuesday to Sunday dinner to night, bands from all over the world stagnate in passionate performances and raise glasses with guests. During this period, from classical songs to DJ songs, the deeper the night, the higher the climax, give you a new sensory world from quiet to dynamic, from gentle to vigorous.

Knock on the key points!!! Welfare unheard of: In addition to free WIFI, free use of scanners, fax machines, printers in the late-night winery are basic service standards! It can be used for office, recreation and business meetings in VIP room on the second floor when needed. Staying up late in a winery with a quiet and carefree environment and five-star service will make you feel at home.

On June 18, the west of the first floor of No. 128 Jianguo Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing. Stay up late and wait for you here.~